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Brighter Path Tuskegee was established in 1998 as a residential treatment facility serving males assigned to the program by the Alabama Department of Youth Services, after being adjudicated by the court. A separate unit is dedicated to serving males placed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources for intensive care treatment. Brighter Path Tuskegee is a Medium Risk Secure Facility with 66 beds with 50 licensed by the Alabama Department of Youth Services and 16 beds licensed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. The treatment staff provides comprehensive, challenging, and therapeutic services for adolescent males ages 12 to 18.

Our program utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to focus on maladaptive behaviors and provides rehabilitative services including individual, group, and family therapy; Tuskegeepsycho-educational groups; living skills groups; medication monitoring; psychiatric and medical care; and peer group dynamics therapy. Our program is very "process oriented" and residents learn to verbalize needs, feelings, and goals in a safe environment. The program utilizes a highly effective therapy, Guided Group Interaction (GGI) to emphasize values and team building. GGI therapy empowers residents to make changes by learning from each other, improves social skills and helps them become positive leaders of their peers. Adolescents tend to listen to the advice of peers more than that of adults and the GGI promotes behavior modification wherein youth challenge and change each other with the supervision and guidance of program staff members. These new skills are practiced daily.

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Intensive Therapeutic Long-Term Program for males, ages 12 to 18
Moderate Risk Short-Term Residential Program for males, ages 12 to 18

Student Profile

  • Males, age 12-18 years old
  • Full-scale IQ above 70
  • Is impulsive/irresponsible
  • Denies and/or justifies negative behavior
  • Has problems with anger and aggression
  • Demonstrates a low degree of empathy
  • Lacks self-discipline
  • Exhibits poor coping skills
  • Is non-compliant with authority
  • Is amenable to a normative culture
  • Often experience academic difficulties

Whom Do We Serve?

Our mission is the healing and restoration of children and their families. Every resource at our disposal is directed toward this purpose. Our efforts are always governed by the principles of honor, respect, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, and honesty. Our goal is to help residents become more aware of socially acceptable behaviors before reintegration back with their families and communities.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive educational program that will enable the residents to maximize their potential as they will have the knowledge to shape the future and become productive citizens who are contributing members of their community and society. To this objective we will follow the defined principles of our beliefs.


Every student placed in our care is capable of learning.
Every child placed in our school has a goodness and strength to be found, regardless of the problems or unacceptable behavior.
The physical and emotional health of our students is paramount and a physically and emotionally safe environment promotes student learning.
Every student is worthy of respect and their dignity as a human being should be considered at all times.
Each student has a unique style of learning and the faculty should strive to meet the learning needs of each.
Goals and commitments help teach discipline and direct students toward having productive lives.
Every student is valuable to society and is capable of success.

Academic Profile

The time an adolescent spends at Brighter Path Tuskegee programs is traditionally a period of academic gain, which is significant to your child's overall growth and success.

The objectives for our students are to attend school, demonstrate appropriate behavior, & achieve academically, so that they might return with competency & confidence to compete within the public or private school arena, college, military service, or job market.

Students participate in a school program recognized by the state of Alabama as a Specialized Treatment Facility for students that have been placed in a facility by state agencies. Brighter Path Tuskegee is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI), wherein all teachers hold valid Alabama teaching certifications. A traditional school year, with an academic program based on the Alabama State Course of Study core, offers educational opportunity for each resident as a part of his individualized treatment plan. Summer school is conducted for remediation, enrichment and credit recovery as needed by students for courses in which he may have missed or failed in previous school placement.

Providing career/vocational education assists us in preparing students to compete more competently & confidently upon completion of the program. This curriculum prepares residents for life outside of secured residential settings by teaching specific skills & building self-esteem through a variety of activity.

For additional information or to make a referral, please contact:

Theresa Mitchell
Executive Director
Email: mitchell@bhtuskegee.com